It was Never My Intention to Fall for You

In Your Arms I Smile

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If you’ve ever had this thought you will know the emotional roller coaster that is linked with this thought.

One day we were just all hanging out at my house, just me and a group of my closest friends that had recently become close, and someone asked me “Do you like M?” (his name will remain anonymous for the purpose of this story). “Of course not, we are just close friends!” and then that stupid question was asked…”Why?”

I had nothing to say to that. The thing is “M” is perfect. Not in a cliche “he’s my prince charming” way, but in a “Imagine having the honour to be with a guy like him” way. And you know those lists we all secretly have of what we want in a partner? Well there isn’t one thing on that list he doesn’t tick off.

The only thing about him is that he doesn’t want to stay in this country for much longer. You see, he’s from America and I live in Australia, and well that a whole lot of distance. So here I am trying to not let my heart melt too much every time he looks at me with those beautiful eyes and grins from ear to ear. But it’s kinda hard when that smile is contagious.

The other issue is that we are friends. And I’m friends with his sister. To some people this may not be a major issue, but I have stuffed up things like this before. And like I mentioned before, he is from America and is extraordinarily chivalrous so it’s difficult to not over read cultural differences as flirting or trying to get my attention. But it’s hard when he pays for dinner and holds doors open for me!

So here we are, eight months after first meeting, you’re home for Christmas, and I’m here, on the other side of the world, dreaming you might be mine one day. Maybe if I pray hard enough it just might happen.

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