Amazing Woman


Shared by harti speaks

Long legs,dark hair…
Golden eyes,fair brown skin …
Curves on the hips as she is poised..
The natural slenderness beauty of her body,
Perfect smooth nails,attached to those scarless fingers,
That beautiful face and white teeth when she smiles,
When she talks she has that amazing voice of a singer,
Calmness in her voice brightens the worst moods,
And so apologetic even when she is misunderstood,
She is a known fighter,
With the spirit of a winner,
She brings peace in a home,
Always has open arms no matter where you from,
She mends a broken heart,
Puts the pieces together and kiss them with love,
She is every mans dream,
Undefinable beauty,this creation is truly from the Lord himself up above,
Everything about her is as good as it seems,
She is an inspiration many,
Where a mans true happiness dwells,
She brings the family together to Merry,
I am definitely stuck in her loving spell,
This love is uncommon
She has such a beautiful heart,most of all she is an AMAZING WOMAN

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