A Letter To Those Who Deserve Better

Missing You

Shared by MaKayla Dalton

I have experienced many different friendships, some deeper than others. They were each extremely different, each of my best friends have always been unique in different ways. Yet, I found one thing that each had in common.  Every single female that I have called my “best” friend has settled for WAY less than they deserve, and no, I am not exaggerating. Whether it was getting ignored or getting used and being aware of it, they continued to stick around, and some still continue to do so. I knew the one reason why; they were in love, of course. Then one day I came to the conclusion, they were experiencing lust not love.  Love is not being in a relationship where one is always doing the most or even all of the work, it’s not having to fight for the attention of the other, it’s not a competition, it’s not a battle to see how much hurt your heart can handle before breaking. Love is selfless, it is about having each other’s attention, it’s loving at all times (good and bad), it’s always wanting to talk to the other person because when you don’t talk, you feel incomplete. True love is when two souls come together as one and never tear apart. I want all girls to know the diffrrence.  Settling for less than you deserve will only cause you to be hurt in the end. If someone doesn’t treat you well and puts forth no effort, accept that they do not have much desire for the relationship and move on. Each and every girl deserves someone who says “I love you” and means it, not someone who says it to get into your parents. You deserve someone that doesn’t even have eyes for another girl because their eyes are always on you. You deserve someone to treat you like the princess you are. Don’t ever settle for anything less than that.

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