Who Am I?


Shared by Keelyn.

So I was once asked by my step-daughters mom who the fuck I thought I was.
So here it is…

I am the woman in your daughters life that is connected to her Father. She looks up to me for approval who and what is good and bad. I am the one who makes sure her homework is done. Not just done though, that she really understands it. Her lisp is all but gone now, because I have worked with her on speaking correctly. She has thanked me for this several times. I am the one who has taught her how clothes should fit her. Her pants should not reach up to her ankles, not should her stomach be hanging out of a shirt, and above all her underwear should not be pinching her. I am the one who taught her how to bathe herself. She had never even taken a shower till she was 6. I am the one who made sure her lice was taken care of. Who the hell dies a kids hair to get rid of lice? I am the one who has taught her responsibility, cleaning her room, taking care of her things, and respecting what she has. I have taught her independence To not be afraid to try new things.

I am the one making sure that my step-daughter sells cookies for the girl-scouts that you signed her up for. Good job bailing on that one. I am the one who uprooted my life to move closer to her. I am the one who tried to remove her from a hostile environment that you kept putting her in. I am the one who called CPS several times when I knew things were not safe for her away from own home. Fuck would you look at that, I was right. I am the one who taught her how to remember her phone number and home address with you in case she ever needed to call the cops.

I am the one she called to say goodnight to almost every night because she was counting the days to come home. I am the one who’s shoulder she cried on the time she had to give her dog away, and after that when she thought her kitty got lost (but really you just left it behind when you moved).

I am the one that she came to when her lady parts hurt because she was getting her hair washed in a bucket at your house. Shit, I’m the one who taught her how to wipe her own butt. I am the one who has taught her how to brush her own hair, and were now working on ponytails. I have taught her that you sit down for a meal as a family. That no, you don’t get to “rest your tummy”. She should have stopped doing this at 4 instead of 7. She has been taught how to tie her own shoes, yet you inhibit her development by buying her velco ones that fall apart on her anyways.

I am the one who’s name she sings when running around the house. Our house, with her father myself, her and her sister. OUR HOME! I can’t tell you how relieved she is that she doesn’t have to move away from here. That her room is hers, and that is never changing. She doesn’t have to pack her things anymore. She can decorate her room how she wants, because she needs that. Self expression is good for her. I am the one who makes sure she plays outside. She deserves more than being stuck in front of a television for hours. I am the one who puts her first, not me.

She is more than my step-daughter, she is my friend. While I am her parent first, I am also her best friend. I listen to her when she is mad. I hold her when she cries. I am the one she asks questions to about life, school, friends, boys, what a good person does, why people do bad things. You name is she’s asked. Lately though she has a lot of questions I have no answer to. Questions she’s going to save for a very long time, until she feels like you will give her an honest answer, because right now she doesn’t believe much you say.

You once asked me who the fuck am I?

I am me. This is it. I don’t try and be anyone else. I am a person in your daughters life that she has accepted as her own parent. A stable loving person in her life that she knows will always be there for her. I will be there for the good and the bad. The ups and the downs. I will always love her. Our love is something special, not given because of DNA. She knows that I am not her parent because I have to be, but because I want to be. I am trying to make her the best person I know how, and she believes in that. She believes in that so much.

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