Memories While You’re Away With The Marine Corps


Shared by Taya Elam.

It started with breakfast. The usual, eggs, bacon, toasted bread. Reminded me of the times I made you breakfast. You sat there patiently while admiring the craftsmanship. Somehow my talking to the food being made and face making with ketchup on it did just the trick because you were in love with it. I knew you were in love with it by the way you looked at me. Somehow, just somehow, you were mine.

The shower, full of memories, washes away the feeling of solitude I had and replaces it with assurance in knowing you’re coming back to me. I go quickly or else I will get caught up in the addicting feeling of you being there. What I mean by this, is I could picture you so perfectly that I could actually feel you’re presence, the touch of your skin, the smell that lingered on your body. I longed for you being behind me. You looked at my body. It felt amazing. When we switched sides and I was behind you I would just look at the water running down your back. You’re my baby. I have to treat you like one sometimes. So, I wash your back for you. I don’t know whether or not you like, but I continue to anyways.

I knew from the beginning that you were completely in love with me and I you. How that night I made you want to see me again, I will never figure out. How could this brilliant, gorgeous guy want to see me again after this girl spills water on him, smacks him the face, spills coffee on him, and sent him home with food poisoning with the breakfast I bought him. Taking this not into account, you kissed me, I kissed you back. Everything was right. From BART to the campus we talked endlessly. Time flew by. By the time we looked at the clock it was four in the morning and we looked at each other as if no time flew by. You didn’t seem tired. I sure did not feel tired at all. We were walking along when we stumbled across a road in the middle of the campus. I looked around and continued talking. I could see you looking at me wondering what I was doing. Then, you saw it. I think you thought it was different and intriguing because you didn’t question it and only went along with me after a moment or two. We were in the middle of the road just laying down and looking at the full moon. The beauty was above us and I felt as though the beauty was in the palm of my right hand. We went up to my dorm and snuck out on the fire exit. We watched the sun come up. It took a lot longer than we expected. You laid up against the cold, hard railing, and let me lay on your soft, warm body. You hurt your back for my comfort. It was more than anyone could ever do for me. Taking everything into account now, it was overall the most romantic night I had ever had and the night I could see you beginning to fall in love with me.

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