All the Things He Gave Me

Cemetery of Past Loves

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Those dark blue Chicago Bears glasses I used to use for games, they now sit dusty on my shelf covered in other things. They were a Christmas gift.
However, it’s not like they grew legs and walked away…

They are still there. I don’t want to throw them out but I can barely look at them right now.

The journal he gave me because he knew I loved to write is hidden in a draw that I dare not open. Once I started reading it which was a mistake because it detailed all the joy that no longer is.
What do I do with these things?

We stopped talked on November 4th.
(his choice)
If he contacts me again after all that has happened,
What do I say?

Please see: Do I regret this love? for the full story but understand that when I confessed my feelings on the 3rd, things did not go well and it is ok because everyone has a choice. I wish things were different but for now, should I hide it all somewhere?
And if he decides to contact me again even if it is in a year, do I say enough pain is enough?
That answer should be yes. So why am I struggling?

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