One More Moment

beautiful moments

Shared by Mo

i want a moment

frozen in time

slow and endless

graceful and refined

a single second

to make a memory

to capture the essence

the beauty of you and me

i want a few minutes

an hour to spare

to say “I love you”

to show that I care

so… please oblige me

please grant my request

give me a single moment

to prove that I’m the best

the best thing that could have ever happened

to either me or you

relishing in this love

is what we were created to do

so…as we spend this moment

hand-in hand

as we allow time

to slip through our fingers as sand

i’ll turn our hourglass

as i see time draw near

for another single moment

to have you here

so…for one more moment

let’s enjoy our time

understanding that life

is one crazy ride

for one more moment

let’s love with all we got

understanding that destiny

only gives us one shot

for one more moment

let’s throw all our chips in

understanding that love

is a risk worth taking

one single moment

is all that I ask

knowing that given the time

i’ll make each second last


“(c) Simone Holloway, 2014.”

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