Dating Story Volume 1: I Think This Woman Wants To Take Over the World

Heartbeat Why I Gave Up on Finding Love Some Guys Just Don't Have It

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Well, here’s how it happened. I am a science fiction/horror writer and operate a blog advertising my work, and I occasionally get messages from people who read my work, usually sharing their thoughts about it. Well, during my last semester of college, I met this woman who had been reading my Website, and when we met in person, I have to admit, I had never met anyone like this before. She was 6′ 3″ tall, and wearing a midnight-black satin dress that reminded me of Morticia’s dress from the “Adam’s Family.” Her hair was blonde and styled in this cute pigtail getup, aside from that, it flowed down her back like a waterfall, she had blue eyes, and told me her name. She was from Sweden, studying in America, and she had grown quite fond of my writings during her time at the college. I thought, “what the hell, if she went through all this trouble just to find me and came dressed like that, the least I could do was take her somewhere. So, we decided to go to TGIFridays for lunch, and when we got there, that’s when I found out that she was a very, very different, unique sort of person. She loved the Scandinavian black metal scene, that loud, roaring, often dark, Satanic genre of music that made countries like Norway and Sweden very well known in the music industry…and she told me what she did for her profession. She was a model, but not in the typical sense. She appeared in dark, often erotic depictions of Satanic scenes in various dark, “underground” films, always independent, and made QUITE a significant amount of money doing it. At this point, I’m thinking: “Jesus…who IS this woman?” and then I ask her, just out of nowhere… “do you have any weapons on you?” I still have no idea why I asked that. And to my surprise, she pulls a 17-inch DAGGER out of her bag, claiming that she kept it on her at all times to prevent her from being raped. I quickly told her to put it away in the restaurant, and then, I told her about myself…amazingly, she told me she greatly enjoyed herself, even though I was still a bit shaken up by the dagger in her bag…she follows my Website on a permanent basis now…I really don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone like her ever again. Just thought I’d share this story.

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