Just Three Words Long


Shared by Diana Marcos.

As if right on cue, we gazed deep into each other’s eyes. As if we had telepathy, we both said the same words at the same time. Just three words long – three words that we had been aching to hear from each other. Words that once tore us apart, but also got us back together.

“I love you.”

It came out frustrated and different from what it used to be. It sounded more desperate. We were both longing to say it… to express it. We could sense each other’s excitement, but at the same time, we were both afraid to show how eager we were to devour each other’s words of love.

“I miss you.”

It could have been much easier to say if we weren’t too immersed in our own pool of pride. We were too engrossed and we were both letting our anxieties take over our lives. It was a horrible feeling. We both know we were longing to touch and hold each other. We were longing to feel the softness of each other’s lips. We were aching to see each other’s smiles. Both of us could still remember the very first time we talked and laid eyes on each other. We were both very honest and we said whatever we wanted. We talked about a lot of things we wanted to do. We were very excited to execute all of our plans. We knew we were young and we did not want to waste any single moment that we’d be together. We liked to be alone together. We stayed up all night talking on the phone doing random fun things. We listened to Chasing Cars over and over again, and you used to sing the Sailor Song when you felt like I was falling into slumber.

“So if we all come together, we all want to do

We all come together; just to sing we love you

And if we all come together, we all want to do

We all come together just for you”

I had always been amused by how happy you were when we were talking. And you knew, I was in my happiest place, too. You had never failed to ask the question “Do you believe in life after love?” which you got from one of Cher’s song.

“It is a line from Cher’s song.”

“Which Cher?”

“There are many Chers???”

Of course, you didn’t know that. Of course. You said you hated your voice, but I loved it. I loved it so much I wanted to drown myself in it. And although you did not like your voice, you still liked singing Coldplay’s Yellow to me every time I went to sleep. I would never forget that day you listened to Sweater Weather quite a lot of times just because you found out I loved that song.

“I hate you.”

You knew that when I said these words, it just meant the opposite thing. You knew that the moment these words left my lips, I was extremely mad at you, but I still loved you. You knew how messed up I could be. You knew that I was as stupid as you could ever be. We both did and said things that really hurt us and tore us apart. We were aware of that, but we did not do anything to stop it. I hate you. We were both very stubborn, but you were especially hard headed in some other ways.

“How are you feeling right now?”

“I am crushed.”

“Then I guess it’s a sign.”

“What do you mean?”

“You said you are crushed…and I know you are mad. I guess you need some time.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t want you to leave.”

“But, you are in pain. The only thing that could heal your pain is to remove the source of it. That means, removing me.”

“No, don’t.”

We were both confused, and we didn’t know what to do. We were causing each other pain, although we knew how much we loved each other.

“I am sorry.”

It was all we had to say. We were sorry we were killing each other softly with our love and pride. And we knew, deep inside, all it had to take to make the pain go away, were these three little words.

“I love you.”

Yesterday, today and tomorrow… These three little words will be our anchor. JUST THREE WORDS LONG and we’re going to be okay. And I hope that these THREE WORDS will be our forever, no matter what it takes.

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