I Don’t Love You Anymore

The Unfinished Conversation

Shared by Celina Tolbert

I don’t love you anymore.

Your faith no longer inspires me. Your texts don’t brighten my day. Your sweaters don’t keep me warm. Your glasses don’t fog up when mine do in the cold. Your jokes don’t make me laugh. Your smile doesn’t give me butterflies. Your head on my shoulder doesn’t give me hope. The CD you gave me doesn’t sound good anymore. I broke the promise I made to you.


You don’t share your faith with me. You don’t text me. You don’t give me your sweaters. Your glasses aren’t in the cold like mine are. I don’t hear your jokes anymore. I never see your smile. You don’t rest your head on my shoulder. That CD has no meaning. Our promise is no longer ours.

I don’t love you anymore. And you don’t love me. You never did.

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