A Letter to the Hopeless Romantics


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

From one hopeless romantic to another…  I’m sure you’re anxiously waiting for the moment you’ve spent your whole life dreaming of. You’re likely patiently waiting for the moment that drowns you like a wave of thrilling passions. You find your breath somewhere in the depths of those three words: I love you. You wait for the moment that you fall and never again try to rise. Instead you create a life in the depths of your heart and in between the tesseracts of togetherness.

By the time that you meet I’m sure you would both have had your share of heartbreak, disappointment, and regret. Yet I am certain of something else as well… Once you meet them, none of it will matter. Once you meet, you will belong to each other like the ocean belongs to the shore – forever anchored by your hearts. Until that moment arrives there are some things I must ask of you:

Don’t Give Up On Each Other

Please don’t lose faith. Trust that fate has a plan to bring you two together. Believe that your roads will eventually intertwine. You are both out there dreaming of each other. You’re both wondering what it would be like to know one another. They will find you, this I promise you. So please don’t give up on the truth that is inevitably your happy beginning.

Keep Following Your Dreams

I ask that you keep going after your wildest dreams. I pray that you still follow your heart. I hope that when you two meet, you will have achieved things that brought joy to your soul. I hope that when you call them “yours,” you will be happy with your expansive mind. I hope with all my heart that when you find togetherness you can grow through strength instead of weakness.

Don’t Settle for Brokenness

I know you probably think you found them once before, somewhere in the eyes of another. Surely at some point you were convinced; it’s ok to admit this. Now you’ll know better because you didn’t stay broken from someone that wasn’t them. So please, through the pain and the confusion – let go. Move on so you can find each other. You never will by looking at what’s behind you.


It’s simple, and quite possibly silly, but I do hope you smile. I hope that you see the beauty in life and appreciate all the wonders around you. I trust that you can find the splendor in the most menial of things. I hope that you have room in your heart for happiness to grow. Mostly, I ask this because I am sure you will fall in love the moment you see their lips turn aloft. Keep smiling daily so that they will know when they’ve found you.

Don’t worry if you’re not ready when they come. I can assure you that they probably won’t be either. Who is ever really ready to lose all balance and sanity when their hearts collide? The unexpected rush is half of the fun. You may make a fool of yourself, or get irrevocably tongue-tied, but do not worry. Any path you take will eventually lead you to each other.

You are meant to be, and destiny is just too strong to keep you two apart. The world needs the power of your love to survive. So one day, someday, they will find you. It’ll likely be an imperfectly perfect moment (after plenty of wrong turns) but they will find you.

Focus on yourself ‘til then. Fall in love and fall apart. Dream and get torn down. But always, always rise. Soon they will be there for the only fall that will ever truly matter. From that moment you’ll never have to battle any demons alone. From that moment everything will change. The fates will smile down on you – their challenge complete. You’ll saunter into your future with fire in your hearts.

As for me, well, I really can’t wait to meet you. I’m giddy at just the thought. I know that the best things in life come as a wait; I’ve never been happier to wait for anything in my life. Until we meet, know that I already love you.

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