All Else Fades Away

When to Do It

Shared by apricot ocean

Warm wisps of light glow around my shoulders. My legs stretch before me, flushed. Balmy spirited whispers drift through my mind, they keep me lucid. Flesh on flesh. His leg sweeps the length of mine, lingers. A hand tangles itself in the hair at the nape of my neck. Eyes rest on mine, strong and bright. You lied when you said they were brown. They take on the movement of the ocean. Drifting nervously away, then sway back to bless my smile. It was the closeness I was hoping for, something I wanted, but didn’t know I needed. Summoning the motion before it comes, my legs finally lift. I bridge them over his, closing our circle. Countering his closeness with my own. An illumination grows between us. Painted brushes of wind lick at our hair. His touch eases me, warm palm quiets the whip of my mane. I mimic his movements, slowly. Deliberately. All else fades away. His smile catches mine as I fall into it.  A fluttering stillness blossoms over us, waves of music, bubbles of laughter, the rushing of the tides fade into the lush prickle of lips encasing mine. Pillowy soft tongue glides, hands travel along the uncharted territory of my thigh. Our pace quickens, an eagerness pulls us closer. The wicked winds turn back and with the gust im thrown into my awareness. Lips curl into a soft smile, with both hands on my shoulders he holds me off, dazed. His lips mold and shape words I cannot hear, his eyes flick towards the water and then back at mine. They sparkle, and a grin lights up his face. We interlace our fingers and he kisses me softly once more before pulling my body to stand with his. My mind skips joyously behind as we gently move over bodies stretched carelessly, creating nonsense patterns in the sand. As we reach the waters edge, I grow with sweet anticipation. He turns back to me, his face still lit with the grin he gave when we left the comforts of our blanket.  The waves come crashing through us as we make our way jumping and fighting. With every blow his grip strains, and he tells me he wont let go. I smile broadly as the coolness reaches the small of my back. My skin prickles, and I can feel him watching as my nipples tighten. He pulls me in close and I wrap my legs around his waist. Our eyes lock and I ask him if he’s ready. He nods gentle. We’re over taken with the same fluttering stillness only this time liquid. Clinging to each other, struggling to stay connected. Breaking the surface our laughter echo’s over the water. We lap the salty sweetness from each others lips, and in that moment im in love, and in that moment I know it will only last the day.  

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