Shared by Sherry Morgan

That’s all it is, just enough
Just want to wake up knowing that when he looks at me I’m enough
And maybe thats just it, maybe enough isn’t enough
I should want to be his everything, need all of him all the time but no
That wouldn’t be enough
For me it would be too much
I want to look in his eyes and know that who I am, the woman I am, the way I am, misunderstood at times, control freak on bad days, but sweet and caring most days
Is what he needs, he sees the good in me, changes me with his love and laidback kindness thats enough for me
I don’t need him to buy me riches, shower me with gold
I want to bask in the glow of his love
I want him to know that he’s needed
Want him to know what he’s done for me mind, body and soul
Don’t want to be left wondering
In the pits of my heart
Is this what I’m wearing enough, is what I’m saying enough
Does he know his love is more than enough
Just a glance from him is enough, a thinking of you today text is enough, small things I’ll charish forever like flowers on Sundays
Or him just holding me close
Feeling the rise and fall of his chest, hearing the stillness of his breath, breathing him in and studying the contours of his face
All this time I’ve been waiting, spent some time foolish searching
For just the right stuff
Just to overhear him one day speaking of me
I’ve found her to be more than enough
But never too much
She’s all I need
And that would be ENOUGH for me.

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