Heartbeat: Cat and Mouse

His Past

Shared by sophomore.

I’m a sophomore in a small college. There’s this guy that goes to the same school as me and he’s been following me around for a while. He asked me out a lot of times but he was a bit of the scrawny type and wasn’t really my style so I rejected him.

Well around summer break, he stopped texting me and I was pretty relieved. He went home for the summer and when he came back for the fall semester, he was changed. It looked like he worked out a bit too. Well this year, he didn’t follow me around like the year before. His colder attitude towards me actually attracted me more. I don’t know why. I actually started falling for him now.

Well I decided to confront him, to tell him that if he still had feelings for me that I’d like to go out with him. When I brought it up, he said that ‘it was behind us’ and ‘not to worry about it anymore’.

I was crushed. I didn’t tell him I like him too now. I don’t know what to do. Is he playing games with me? Playing hard to get? Or is he really over me? What should I DO????

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