Can I Just Stay?

I was broken, that didn't hurt me that much, what made it worse was, you broke me.

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As the colors change from green to different shades of yellow and reds, nature prepares itself for a chilly winter. Change is certain and may not always be pleasant.

I am happy with my present. What scares me is the uncertainty of tomorrow – the change. Right now, this moment may not be perfect, but I don’t want it to change. It sounds silly. But, can I stop the moment when I am lying in his arms and there’s no where I’d rather be? Every moment when I can see my parents’ smile through the laptop, the moment when my best friend told me she got pregnant, the moment when I finally get to see my fiancé after a week.. can I not change them? I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I’m too scared to let today go.

Time is ticking. It feels yesterday when I had a huge party at home for my 12th birthday. I was over the moon and felt like a grown up. It has actually now been a few months I have landed on my 30’s. Time- is slipping. My parents are aging. As I see the wrinkles in their face, I don’t want to think of tomorrow. No. I don’t want things to change. Soon, I will wake up and realize I turned 80 and the world might be totally a new one – I don’t know for good or worse. Time, can I just stay?

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