Remember Me

To Never Be Continued

Shared by Sherry Morgan.

I suppose a moment ago I was in poetry mode, but here I am unable to formulate anything sweet enough worth reading, anything raw enough worth your gasp or awe.

In this moment I’m thinking about you…all things you…and all things I don’t know of you. Like a child often hopes of silly things I hope of you. I wonder of the existence that lies behind your eyes, the depth within them seem unreachable to me in this lifetime but I still hope.

I spend this time, this moment staring at the stars wondering about the sound of your voice. Does it whisper like night, does it whistle like the rain…no it claps like thunder, storms like rain on a rooftop. I smile wondering of even smaller things like your hands, your brows, the contours of your face, the extension of your frame stretched along side mine. I pass my hand along side the grass beckoning you there. I smile at the curve of your lips and twinkle in your eyes.

There is an absence of you…as though you were here once loving me in ways the world has not yet seen, nor heard, nor ever dreamed like this before. I imagine our hands intertwined, taking a stroll learning things of you no one else knows. Your hopes and dreams, your ups and downs, and the question most on my mind why you decided to leave our land of dreams, for a reality without our existence. I’ve searched for you before in the eyes of others, but much to my disappointment they have often fallen short. There are some who have come close but never quite there, they say when you meet the one you just know but though the look is the same, they don’t know me. And here I am waiting, waiting for the amnesia to end, waiting for you to remember me, waiting for you to find your way back to me again. If there was such another life where your voice was like music to me, the sun like your smile, the stars like your eyes, I thank the heavens I am wrapped in you as a memory of dreams nurtured by your love, but in this moment I pray you remember me, meet me in the secret places of our dreams.

We’ve walked through the secrets of dreams, leaped through the times of tomorrow, made love countless times, unshaded, unashamed, and without restraint I’ve called your name. Fallen asleep in your arms at the crest of dawn, your heartbeat my lullaby yet I haven’t heard such a rhythm.

It is a memory lost, perhaps so much time dreaming, such a love could not exist. But it does…

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