Once in a Lifetime


Shared by sarahlouiseclark.

I never really believed in love. Not the soul wrenching,heart stopping,all consuming kind. Not for me anyway.

My feelings never really got beyond lukewarm. I felt the initial attraction. The tingly buzz of flirting with someone new.

I enjoyed the excitement of dating but that desire to leap in to the unknown. To share everything you are with another person just passed me by.

Until to my surprise the most unlikely person stole my heart completely.

There’s no logic with real lasting love. No decisions to make. In an instant your heart and life is consumed by that special person.

No problems can’t be over come when you face them together and life is an ongoing adventure.

Hold out for that perfect meeting of souls everything else fades like a shadow by comparison. There is that perfect match for everyone even if at the time you don’t think love includes you.

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