Is Love Blind?

meeting the right person at the wrong time

Shared by Sydney Reneé.

They say love is blind, feelings so deep it stops you from seeing clearly. Vision so hazy everything around isn’t what it appears to be.  I call bullshit, love doesn’t stop us from seeing the reality of things, it’s US who choose to see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe.  Everyone has intuitions when it comes to the people we spend so much time with. We know when those passionate kisses turn into pecks on the cheeks and those hot sensational touches become cold and rough. When the conversations are no longer deep but a quick chitchat between strangers, nothing but “hello, how are you? I hope your day is okay. I’ll ttyl.” It’s now so obvious when you lie and the evidence is oh so clear but still you smile in that person’s face like everything is okay. Yet you still love them, can’t see yourself without them. That future the two of you talked about is so far in the distance but yet it’s so close so you do everything you can to assure everything is okay. You fight to keep that relationship going. Some days that distance you felt is no longer there except it’s real love. The two of you are so wrapped into each other. Ignoring everything and everyone around you. You hug and kiss, nothing exist but the two of you in that moment. When you make love you can feel your souls becoming one and your whole lives together right before your eyes; the house, the kids, dream careers and a wonderful marriage. All of your dreams are coming true right before your eyes as your legs are wrapped tight around him and he’s slowly filling you up with love. Yeah you love it but you’re still not blinded. When we get in relationships a lot of times we know the type of person we’re dealing with especially when there’s history there. We aren’t being blind we just know who and what we are dealing with. We know where we stand with that person and where they stand with us. They may not be perfect but they are perfect for us. The outside world may say love has blinded you but what do they really know? They’re not there with the two of you. True love survives whatever and people also know when it’s time to say goodbye.

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