Heartbeat: What Do We Call This

slowly being pushed

Shared by Shakira.

I’ve known you long enough to know your insecurites and your flaws.
I’ve always ben trying to get your attention and now that you say i have it i feel like nothing made of lies and weekness.
I saw you at your cuzin’s house and i felt a strong feeling for you never thought i would feel for anybody because in realtiy i thought that feeling was to good to be true!!

Months past by and you texted me saying ” hey whats up i haven’t heard from you in a while hit me up sometime” when i seen that message it took me like five minutes to reply becuse i wanted to know if ths was really happening.
When i first met you at your cuzin’s house you were in a relationship and i respected that so i tried to so no emotion or feeling.

I responded back to the text and i said “hey yea i know its been a while how are you i really haven’t went to your cuzin’s house lately but yea totatly i’ll hit u up sometime”

So that’s when we started talkig and flirting..
I really thought things would never happen between us i asked you ” what happen to your girlfriend and you said ” we broke a while ago”.

That’s when i said to myself ” should i take this chance”

So we hung out and i started catching real feelings for you.
I loved your family and your little sister’s were so aadorable asking me if i was your girlfriend i said ” no we’re just friends”
and i told you that they asked me that and you smiled..
Days later you asked me out and we made it official..

Probably two months into our relationship some girl said she was pregnant by you and that started us with arguing and arguing until one day we checked to see if it was true and it wasn’t but before that you moved into an apartment that i still haven’t seen but the girl that said she was having your baby was there in your room and you guys were laughing and having a great time..
Now how do you think that looks..

Another female was invited to your new apartment before me your girlfriend..

You say nothing happened well ok i believe you..

But my question how can you love me and her at the same time come on now make up your mind would you rather be with her ” a girl who has two kids no job no education.
Or me “the girl who has been there since day one and has never given up on you and has helped you with more stuff then anybody in the freaking world has..

I want to be with you for the rest of my life we even have a baby o the way but im wondering are you even faithful enough to be with me and only me..

You say yo are and that you only love me and want to be with me.. but you haven’t proved it and you dont want to change..

you have to decide soon because I’m at the point i just want to give up and forget…

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