Heart Beats Fast

Heartbeat: A Bit of an Odd Story?

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People were asking her if he’s the one – if he’s finally the prince that she’s been waiting for all her life. She wanted to answer them with a “yes” but, she know, from the bottom of her very heart, she can never do that. He belongs to somebody else – somebody who’s been with him for so many years. How can she compete to that? She just met this prince of her. She’s just starting to know him little by little. He was just starting to let her in his world – just starting to bare his soul and heart to her. But, she loved him. She loved him in every possible way of loving someone in this world.

How he managed to bring out the best in her is beyond her. How he seems to always know the right words to say to her whenever she’s down is something she can never decipher. How he makes her feel so love is… something that always make her at a loss for words.

Both of them shared the most of the same interests – music, random strolls, beaches and the sea… a lot more. Whenever they’re with each other, whenever they’re talking to each other it would seem like they have a world of their own – a world where only the two of them exist. She considered that “world” as her happy place – a place where she is his and he is hers. A place where no one would judge them and give them the dirty eyes even if they’re together. A place where no other girl in this world exist. Just the two of them, together. If only she could stay and live in that place forever. But whenever reality kicks in, whenever things get vivid for her and his girl enters the scene, her heart crumbles into pieces without warning.

She knew that he was never hers to keep or loose. She knew that from the start, this is a battle she could never win – a battle so pointless she doesn’t have to fight anymore. But, she wanted to spend every single day of her life with him. She wanted to wake up every morning and the first thing that she would see is his smile. She wanted the day to finish with her being envelope in his arms. She wanted to live each day of her life being with him. She wanted him to love her – she want it so much that it hurts.

But this is a love story that’ll never be. A fairy tale whose happy ending is just inside her imagination – inside her happy place. He belongs to someone else. As much as she wants him to be hers… as much as she’s hurting because she can’t have him, she also doesn’t want to be the cause of his unhappiness. This is just a story of “once upon a time”. Of a heart beating fast yet, unanswered. Of no “happily ever after”.

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