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What’s with love?!

What makes it feel so wonderful, so electric, so breathtaking?

What makes it take over my heart, mind and body so much that I can’t be myself anymore?

Or maybe I am my true self when I am in love? I’d like to think so. I’d like to think this vibrant, sweet, optimistic self is truly me, not me aided by the brain chemistry that gets completely altered when I’m around you.

But look at you, you’re perfect!

Well, nobody’s perfect, but you’re perfect…for me.

I feel my heart racing every time I’m just thinking about you. You make my passion and desire take over every single cell that makes me. My body, my brain, my heart and my energy are all strongly attracted to you, in a way I simply can’t control.

I used to be skeptical about love at first sight, thinking it was just lies and fantasies by hopeful poets and artists. But with you, it was as real as the back of my hands. That first coincidence when we sat by each other on the bus,

I was pissed off and sick but had my head quickly jump to: “Who’s that cutie? Act natural. Act natural.” Then the second time when I technically froze with you in front of me. I resort to saying I was intimidated by your eloquence, but the truth is that I was so hung up on you by then.

Maybe science can explain it by saying that it was all pheromones and physical attraction. Hell! Even if it were so, that means our genes knew we’re meant to be to be together far before we did!

Science or not, I can’t help but want you so intensely. I imagine your hand caressing my body. Your lips touching mine. The warmth of your body surrounding me. Your smile and your laugh filling my world with music and beauty.

I can’t help but want to love you, want to be near you all the time. They call this limerence, I call it my sole reality…

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