Your Future Queen

princess silhouette

Shared by Jonah. See Part 1 and Part 2.

You may have met me already, or maybe not yet.  But you will know me soon when you look for me. 

You may realize that I’m easy to find.  I’ve been with you since childhood, we’ve grown close over the years.  I’m within your circle of friends and I already know your quirks and whims.  But for some, I remain hidden until the right time.  I can come in a whirlwind romance or appear in disguise as someone opposite of your ideals.  Whichever the case is, you will see me.

You will see me but you will have me only when you choose me.  You may have felt before that you are an option; women of your past had the power to accept or decline your love.  Remember that you have that choice, too.

I don’t mind being your first beloved or last, but know by heart that how you deal with your relationships matters.  I will appreciate, my dear, if you don’t have regrets, frustrations or hang ups.  Will you reserve a special kind of love that only we can enjoy? I’m afraid that I’d receive just a little, if you’ve had so many lovers before.

You may pursue, you may wait.  You may hold on, you may let go.  You may guard, resist, or succumb to the beauty in front of you.  You are free to love and I will only respond.  Win to love, and not to get – this is how I’ll love you back.

Have I mentioned that I look up to you as a leader?   Invite whom you want to journey with. Set the path that I may follow suit.  It’s a long travel to forever and I’m preparing my bags of skills to aid you, my prince.   Strengthen your character to be the best companion there is.

My darling, remember to guide, not control.  You should become a master of yourself, and only then will I be drawn to submit to you.  This is done not out of manipulation but out of love. I desire that you lavish your own family with your time while I’m not by your side.  Honor them and I’ll respect you.  Your present is my window of how our future together will be like.

I often imagine you riding your white horse.  I may have a longer list of requirements than yours.  But I’ve realized that you may not be the perfect man that I want you to be.  Be assured that I’ll be accepting you and open my eyes to be fascinated by who you are.

Just the same, I hope that you’ll embrace my frailty with open arms.  I’ll then complement you with my wisdom, grace and gentleness.  I’ll adorn you with sweet kisses, shower you with affection that satisfies.

Let me bid goodbye for now, and say more when I’m finally reign as your queen. Oh yes, I’ll be faithful, and my devotion will depend on who you regard as king.  Serve not only me nor your desires, let’s live for what we are called to do because that will be my happy ending.


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