Together, We Will Be Forever

rain dance

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“In a world so wide, you found me.
I never imagined we were meant to be.”

1st January,2014. Winters, New Year celebrations going on. I was happy. And suddenly I got a message from someone I never expected to be in my life. I never knew that one message would change my life forever.

We started talking, though the weirdness was there for some time, we did talk, he was funny, an amazing guy at heart, we became really good friends, talking to him was so much fun, so much fun, he really did care, I always thought. It was so shocking, you know? We talked more, we talked too much, I never exactly got to know when did I started liking him, I am still confused that when did I started liking the guy I termed as my best friend? Weird it all was, really weird, talking to him made me happy, there was this weird thing happening, I started smiling automatically when he did and I automatically went into depression when he was sad, the feeling was so weird, like oh my god, the feeling was so difficult to understand. I never really did understand how that “like” feeling changed into the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt, it changed into “love”.

And today, after 10 months of knowing him, 6 months of dating him, we haven’t changed a bit. We are crazy. Weirdos. But we love each other. He is my drug, the most beautiful one. Maybe everybody is right, in this world of imperfection, there is someone out there right for you.

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