Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Are Not Your Significant Other

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Shared by our awesome Featured Writer, One Gentleman.

When we experience issues within our relationships, the first reaction should be a discussion with your partner, not a tweet or Facebook status update.

Social media has become a platform for couples, friends and all in between, to provide a personal look into their lives. There are several Instagram and blog posts, displaying the latest shopping spree, from your favorite fashion blogger.

We have homemade chefs uploading their latest creation, and fitness gurus sharing helpful nutritional tips. However, in between these gems, we have folks who share a little too much. These people use social media, as a platform to expose the drama existing in their relationships.

Today, it seems many do not believe in keeping the drama of their relationship—in the relationship. As opposed to handling things privately, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have become the only means in releasing one’s frustration.

There once was a time we could talk things out as mature folks, but today, talking it out means posting insulting comments online, with hopes complete strangers and others, become part of the show. Why has it become so easy for people to air out their dirty laundry online?

In case you need an example…picture a couple who is currently experiencing a rough patch in their relationship, where they decided a break is necessary. Now imagine the guy decides to post a photo on Twitter or Instagram, with a photoshopped penis inserted inside the mouth of his ex-girlfriend. Underneath the photo is the caption, These H*es Ain’t Loyal.

As a logical person, even I may find humor in the caption, but the conclusion will always be the same…why would he do this? What will this solve? Will the reaction from complete strangers, fix whatever is wrong in the relationship? How is this mature and what man considers this irrational response, as something a mature guy should do?

Your laundry is your own. If things turn sour and you feel it is necessary gaining the input of others, seek out someone you both mutually respect. Social media surely is not that person. The sign of a strong-minded individual is one who does not ridicule someone else, all to boost the ego. In my opinion, that is the sign of weakness.

Social media is a place where your thoughts remain forever. You may be upset now, but within hours, the feeling disappears. However, even though you can delete the post(s) from your account, it remains on the internet forever.

This behavior is not becoming of a gentleman or lady. Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, we should approach our friends whenever they commit such acts. By doing so, it makes them become fully aware that the action is a silly one. If the behavior continues, at the very least, you tried to correct the error of their ways.

You cannot play ignorant a second, fourth or eighth time, once a prior correction took place. If you commit an act and no one made you aware of right versus wrong, I can understand why the action may repeat. However, to have the act checked and corrected, but repeated nonetheless…well, that shows the sign of someone who is well aware of their actions.

We are sometimes fully aware of differences between right and wrong, without the input of others. There are those who simply proceed regardless of the clear distinctions. For instance, it is common knowledge that burglarizing the home of your neighbor is wrong. There are laws against such behavior. However, the crime occurs nonetheless.

When people air out their dirty laundry online, I believe they are fully aware that the action is an incorrect one. However, due to their present emotions, they simply do not care. Furthermore, this is why I advocate reflecting, before making a response to any situation.

You may not regret it now, but you will tomorrow. I have seen various individuals delete an irrational post, after a few minutes of its existence online, only to apologize afterwards. You can easily avoid such an issue by first reflecting, before hitting the post or tweet button.

A boy and girl acts, and may think of consequences later. A gentleman and lady, well, they will more often than not, think before making a decision. When you are online, do not become that girl or guy. It makes the online experience uncomfortable for most of your followers, and individuals in your contact list.

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20 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Are Not Your Significant Other

  1. I love this post, well said. It’s really poor manners to air your dirty laundry on social media. And this is so true, ” A boy and girl acts, and may think of consequences later.A gentleman and lady, well, they will more often than not, think before making a decision. When you are online, do not become that girl or guy.” It actually reflects poorly on YOU, not the person you’re out to get revenge on. When I see vengeful photos or rants about how awful some ex is, I tend to think the person you’re trying to shame was lucky to escape you.

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    • Thanks. I am big believer that the bad acts we commit against others, says more about ourselves, than it does about the other individual. I noticed this behavior on Instagram, so I have to thank Instagram for the inspiration.

      “When I see vengeful photos or rants about how awful some ex is, I tend to think the person you’re trying to shame was lucky to escape you” I have to agree with this 100 percent. LoL


  2. When I broke up with a guy it was amazing how many other people just starting saying what a jerk he was and I didn’t even hate my ex and he could still see everything! I had to write this whole status about how the break up was a mutual decision and people really needed to stop bad-mouthing my ex,lol.
    But I do have to admit that I’ve made “passive aggressive” type statuses in the past and instantly regretted it. I asked myself “Why do I do this if I don’t actually respect myself for doing it”…So I’ve stopped doing it,lol…Plus I’ve also found it makes the situation worse, not better,lol

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    • It seems they wanted to speak for you, based on the things you may have shared with them about the relationship. It is that, or they had bad encounters with him. You will be surprised what people remember about someone, when you reference things about them in passing. Lol. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. Your story is one I think many others can relate. Thanks for sharing


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    Loved this article, hope you enjoy.

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  4. This is so true. I’ve never understood it, and would never do it. I’ve always questioned what the persons actual objective could be, as no good can come of doing something like that.

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    • I would often do the same–question their objective. I understand you are hurt in some way, but that is temporary. This post, well, it will remain forever. Emotions and social media do not work well together. LoL. Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts.

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    good thoughts

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  6. Well said! It takes a minute or 2 to reevaluate what we say before putting it out there. Why not take the time!

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    • Thank you much. I appreciate the time you took to read and share a response. You are 100 percent correct. It takes a mere moment to reevaluate your thoughts before hitting the post button. Sadly, that is a moment too long for these individuals. LoL.

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