Heartbeat: The Homecoming That Never Was

Heartbeat: Love Lost, Love Wasted

Shared by Hayden Maxine.

Years have passed, and we go back and forth, not knowing whether we have feelings for each other or not. There is something there, I can tell, I can feel it deep down in my bones. I’m sure he can too, yet he chooses to ignore it. He chooses to play with other girls, and I come running back to him whenever he needs me. I know I’m gullible, but there is just something about our relationship that I just can’t get over. Homecoming was just around the corner, and my best friend basically forced me to go with him, because she knew I would never get the guts to actually ask him. Of course, he said yes, but he kept joking with me saying that he wouldn’t go. We fought, we made up, we flirted,we fought again. That’s how it works between us. I’m unsure of how much more heartache I can take from him. That Friday night, under the game lights, I waited for him to show up. The dance was right after the game, and I kept thinking that he really wasn’t kidding, and that he wouldn’t come. My heart was pounding inside my chest, and my head hurt, my throat was dry, and I was losing my mind. Yet, in my time of peril, he began walking up the stadium steps, and all my worry subsided. Not for long though, during the middle of the game, he up and left. For quite awhile I sat there, becoming nervous all over again. Half time I decided to go out, and take a drive. I’ve never been a big fan of sitting and patiently waiting for the game to start again. I ran into him on the way out, and he decided to come on that drive with me, after he flirted with a bunch of girls I used to think were my friends at one point in time. The drive wasn’t bad, I pretended I was perfectly fine with his gestures of affection to those other girls, even though in my mind, I was raging. After we got back to the parking lot, third quarter flew by, then fourth did also. My friend and I began walking over to the school for the dance, and my “date” didn’t show up for at least and hour because we lost him somewhere on the walk there. He talked to me a few times before I up and left. I was enraged. Whether we went there as friends or as an actual couple, he was my date. He said yes to going with me, therefore there was somewhat of a responsibility to ensure that he actually acknowledged my existence more than a few measly times. I kept hoping that he would text me and maybe question why I left, but that never happened. I’m hurt. I know that I like our friendship and I know that I want something more, yet I don’t know if he is worth it. I don’t know if I can handle much more of his absurd games.

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