She’s A Lucky Girl

Back To The SeaShared by our popular Featured Writer, Katie Wilhelm.

I don’t know if she’s blonde or brunette. I’m not sure if she likes the Yankees or Red Sox. I am not particularly sure what her first name is.

I don’t even know if you’ve met her yet. But I do know that she exists and that you will meet her eventually. I know that you’ll be taken by her beauty and want to make her yours immediately. That’s just the way you are.

You’ll fall in love with her within a matter of months, bonding over a shared taste in music and a deep appreciation for numbers. You’ll want to make her smile every second of every day and you will do your best to see that that happens. Her laugh will fill your heart with bliss and yours eyes will soften at the sight of her cheeky grin.

You’ll text her every morning with a sweet message, especially on the mornings where you know she’s going to have a long day. You’ll spend every night together, foolishly ignoring your responsibilities to your work and your friends. It will be worth it though because you love getting to know her. On the nights when you can’t be together, you’ll serenade her with your kind words through the phone with that deep, silky voice of yours.

You will sleep together for the first time and it will be nothing short of magical. You will find the perfect balance of overwhelming desire and gentle love. You love the way her body feels pressed against yours. You yearn for the feel of her skin and love to run your hands down the tender curve of her hips.

You’ll bring her home to meet your family. They’ll be loving and accepting, praising her conversational skills and beautiful eyes as soon as she leaves. She will feel so comfortable in your house, and not because of the location or decorations, but rather because you are there beside her and home has become wherever you are. You like it that way.

You will tell her how beautiful she is every day and surprise her with her favorite candy on occasion, just because you were thinking of her. You’ll talk of the future that you picture together and the breed of dog that you want to have. You’ll casually drop the mention of marriage and children in every day conversation because you want to instill your commitment to her inside of her pretty little head.

Life will be perfect for you because you’ve finally found your person. You’ve found the girl to complete you; the girl who will encourage you, challenge you and inspire you to be a better person. But more than anything, you’ve found the perfect someone who will love you forever, without conditions.

I’m not quite sure what she has that I didn’t but I can assume. She will probably be a lot prettier and more submissive. I’m sure she won’t have a lot of fervent opinions on political matters or human kind. Maybe she won’t care as much as I did about everything and everyone. You’ll have more similarities rather than differences. It will make more sense with her than it did with me.

So while I do not know anything about her, or whether or not you’ve come across her yet, I know that she’s a very lucky girl.

I don’t know if she’ll appreciate you as much as I did. I don’t know if she’ll look at you the way I did. But I hope she does.

And I also hope she realizes just how lucky she really is.

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