Relinquish Control – Such a Scary Thought

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I’m sure a lot of my readers have been hurt in the past just like I have. Surpassing and healing can take time, but it comes. I did not sleep all night some thinking last night and came to the conclusion that one of the biggest fears of loving and allowing ourselves to be loved boils down to the fear of relinquishing control. Love implies vulnerability. When you love someone you make a conscious (sometimes unconscious) decision to allow that special person to see the real you at it’s most fragile and vulnerable state. It is human nature to fear the unknown, but love is all about exploring the unknown together. Don’t be afraid to search for that love! Hiding behind work or social status is simply a way of feeling you have some type of control of something since love can be so unpredictable. I for one rather take the risk of finding my one true love instead of living in my comfort zone full of regret.

Don’t be afraid to be who you truly are!


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