Heartbeat: Only His


Shared by shaunah.

I remember the moment that I met him, we didnt talk much at first..but since then, we haven’t stopped. You see, my friend had set us up. They worked together but didn’t like each other much…but we hit it off.

We’re completely opposite of each other, but as I like to think..opposites attract. I love everything about him from the way he loves me to the way he picks on me. He puts me in my place when I need it the most.

I have three children from a previous relationship. To be honest I dont seem to have much control over them as they are so very defiant, yet he accepts them, us..since we are a packaged deal.

My true love has many trust issues which I am trying so hard to prove to him that I love him and only want him. I wont let someone else step in the way between us..he has my heart.

Of course i still have scary thoughts of him being with someone else but I do everything I can to push them out of my mind. We have only been together for three months but love doesnt go by time. I could honestly say that I would be happy to spend the rest of my life by the side of this loving, caring, strong, comforting man.

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