Heartbeat: What’s Mine is Mine


Shared by Drèa Lahrow

To know my husband is to love him. His smile is bright, his eyes brighter. He’s the very definition of a gentle giant. He makes me laugh. He’s taught me so much. He cares about me. Much more than I care about myself.

I’m cheating on my husband.

We’ve been together a long while but I’ve loved someone much longer. Andrew and I were high school sweethearts. Friends turned to lovers turned to enemies. He cheated on me. I mean, we were teenagers so… whatever, right? But then he stayed with her. Moved in with her. Validated her.

Then I met my husband, Cory. He taught me what it should feel like when someone loves you. It shouldn’t hurt, right? Cory and I moved in together, got married and had a baby boy within 4 years of our relationship. Through the grapevine (we live in a small town) I’d heard Andrew had a little boy as well ( though he didn’t marry the witch, they were still together). I thought I was happy.

I never felt as alive as the night I broke my vows. Kissing Andrew provided so much more euphoria than making love to Cory ever had. His hands on me, I shudder just thinking about it. I don’t want to hurt Cory. I don’t even want to hurt Drew’s sons mother. Drew and I just have unfinished business. We haven’t exactly made it a point to finish our business together. In fact our affair is going on 2 years now.

I don’t think I can love any man. I don’t even love Drew. I just want what’s mine. And he is. And always will be.

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