It Brings Me Right Back


Shared by our popular Featured Writer, Katie Wilhelm.

Right when I think I have a chance to move forward
And the days soften and sway from their usual black
Your sweet embrace haunts my vulnerable dreams
And all at once, it brings me right back

To the nights I happily surrendered myself
And willingly gave you whatever I had
To the days my mind spent thoughts on you
And just thinking of your presence drove me mad

To the midnights I was overcome by belonging to you
And your voice in my ear brought out the beauty in me
The nights I felt invincibly perfect in your strong arms
And knowing this is exactly where I need to be

To the early morning hours spent sleeping on your chest
Where your breath was my heaven, the place I called home
I’d inhale, knowing I’d be safe to breathe in that moment
And find solace in the hint of your lingering cologne

The beautiful daylight is my sanctuary
It is my time to forget, to get away
Then the moon is released, showing it’s insidious smile
And like children my mind’s demons are at play

My panicked world shines light but then crumbles
In the light there is an inevitable, hovering black
And as the sun disappears I must prepare myself because
When I close my eyes, it brings me right back

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