I Asked for a Kiss Goodnight

I asked for a kiss goodnight

Shared by H.

Such a small simple thing.
Two lips, lingering on two more.
I asked for a kiss goodnight.
My heart is open. Full of love
A heart that’s been broken for so long
A heart and soul that has felt empty,
Hate, and anger in return
No matter how much I give
It is never enough
I asked for a kiss goodnight
Yet no kiss was mine
Why do I feel this complete,
This much love as if the empty half,
The part of my soul that was gone is here once more
Yet it’s guarded, wary.
I asked for a kiss goodnight.
This small token. This tiny act of love
Why does it mean everything to me
This small kiss goodnight
Two warm rough hands placed on my chin
Fingers in my hair, pulling my face close
Our breath mingles, our noses kiss first
Our lips touch quietly, tenderly.
Only for a second, but a second is all I need.
A feeling that has never been mine before
Comfort, protection, friendship
Companionship. Two souls connecting
At their very core. In this one small act
I asked for a kiss goodnight
Yet in return I receive the words
I thought you let that go
A slap to my soul
My love runs deep. I love with my entire existance
Always putting my needs last
Always wanting to do everything, anything I can. It’s not selfish. It’s my nature
Not for recognition, not to please
It is who I am
I asked for a kiss goodnight.
Why do I allow my heart to feel so much
How can I bridle this. Why should I?!
After years of wanting yearning aching dreaming
I feel I’ve found it. I feel joy beyond words
Yet I must ask for a kiss goodnight.
And on this night. No kiss was mine.
Perhaps someday I will find a love;
a love that burns as bright as mine. Unbridled
Ever flowing
Never ceasing
Always protecting
And when I do, I won’t have to ask
That kiss will come to me every night
When I do
That kiss will be mine

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