I Was Broken, That Didn’t Hurt Me That Much, What Made it Worse Was, You Broke Me

I was broken, that didn't hurt me that much, what made it worse was, you broke me.

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“Sisters are best friends you can’t ever get rid of.”

Well, that’s what they say right? That’s not always true.

You are lucky if you have a sister but you are luckiest if she doesn’t betray you, mine did. Though she was my cousin and we weren’t blood related but she was like my very own real sister. Her mother, my aunt was like my own mother, her father who called me “princess” and surely did treat me like one, her brother was so nice, he was a sweetheart. My mother trusted them, my father trusted his own sister, of course but I never knew that they were capable of having such scary demons inside them. The people who were so important, who claimed that they loved me all these years, they DIDN’T. They never did. In my 13 years of being, I was shocked that they acted all these years. Wouldn’t that break you? The people you so dearly loved, just fake loved you, what will your reaction be? I cried, a lot. The locked room sends shivers down my spine. I wouldn’t go in detail but a locked room. I was with my aunt and sister. Everything was okay and I don’t what happened but they started shouting on me, they started throwing insults. They harassed me, what made them do that? Anger. They were angry, not only just on me but on my parents too. Property and shit, you know? They wanted us to tear apart, beg on our knees and say sorry, why? Because my aunt thought my dad was given more importance. How stupid is that? My dad didn’t even got a fair share, my aunt did. Shocked, I was broken. I wasn’t sad that I was broken, the thing which made it worse was that they broke me. Their love for me was fake. That hit me like a rock. All these years, those hugs, those kisses on the cheek, they didn’t mean something. Those sleepovers, late night phone talks, boyfriend talks and hugging each other while sleeping, consoling each other, didn’t real mean anything to my sister. She was my big sister who hated me. “We are soul sisters.” she said, why did she do this to me?

But today, I feel lucky that I got to know their real face before it got too late. I don’t need them, yes, I do want them but I don’t need, now I know who to value, I understood what life is. Though I am crying right now, I am no more depressed. I no more dread my nights and I have the best guy with me in the world. Sorry if I bored you though.

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