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That day turned into multiple days and weeks of fabulous friendship and sleepovers and crazy nights out and tons and tons of free-spirited good times.

Sometimes my heartbeat is a bit irregular. It skips every once in a while and causes me to cough involuntarily. Some might think it strange. I know it’s irregular but it’s also unique. And it is mine.

Somewhat like my love life and my love. I read this article once about your heart having its own current basically. Electromagnetic heart waves. After reading it I decided that I must have really strong ones because I have a tendency to become really close with people after only a short amount of time. I pull them in with my heart waves I bet. I just care about them right off the bat and it’s easy for me to do that because I feel connected to them within minutes.

I think it’s the heart waves.

There is this one person in particular who’s heart waves MUST be complimentary to mine. About two years ago when we met, there was an instant connection; as there was with a lot of the people I met in Ireland while I was there. But this was different…looking back on it now I laugh at myself and how different it really was, though I was completely blind to it.

It was subtly different at first… I just found myself being able to share things that I wouldn’t normally share and being extremely happy when we would see each other, more so than after not having seen anyone else for a while. I remember this one time we met up by complete accident, on campus. I was on my way to class and I spent the next 35 minutes chatting away, so much so that I was about 20 minutes late to class. When my professor ended class early (only 10 minutes later) I didn’t even feel guilty!

I just felt happy. Exceptionally happy, looking back. And why? Because shortly after that, we were about to become the BEST of friends. After a night out and a day long festival and another night out (about 48 hours of drinking) we found ourselves chilling, laughing and chatting away about the madness of the previous escapades and then eventually we started talking about everything and anything.

If I tell all… I would be here forever, but I will say this: I had to leave. I had to leave the country and when I did… we were heartbroken. So so heartbroken. More so than the normal sadness of leaving a good friend behind. And we were right to feel that way. Looking back it felt like our lives had been torn apart. And they had. That must have been the beginning of the love.


I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. Why did I feel like this? I had the best time of my life in Ireland, but it was time to go home and I knew it. I also knew with all my heart and soul that I’d be back. I kept crying and my eyes kept producing tears. I now know it is impossible to runout of tears though I swear I would have on the plane ride home alone.

I hope they didn’t try to recycle that tear stained pillow of mine because I left a piece of my heart and soul on it in the tears that I cried that day. I had no idea what my life was going to be like when I got back home because I knew that I was different now- I had become a more true and polished version of myself.

I was infatuated. The first thing I did upon my return home was head to the local Verizon store to buy a new phone. An iPhone. A smart phone so that we could still talk to each other. It felt SO relieving to chat again. It wasn’t nearly the same but I needed anything I could get. I became so dependent on my new found friend that I couldn’t live without us talking.

It was summer. My days were all over the place. I woke up at 5:30 am some days just because… jet lag. All the rest of the days, I woke up at 5:30 am because I knew a certain person 3000 miles away was already awake and would able to chat to me for a bit. My body knew.

The withdrawals were real. The constant chatting was a necessity. When we weren’t chatting, my mind was consumed with thoughts of our last conversation, or when we would speak next. Why? Why wasn’t I wasn’t feeling that way about anyone else. Because I had met a friend of the best quality. Unlike any other friend I had met in my life. All of the friends whom had ever been as good were already in the same country as me and so it didn’t feel as hard to leave them because I knew I would be coming back to them.

This is how I justified it. The love that must have been there the whole time, though I had no idea, was disguised as the deep sadness of missing a great friend. I spent the next 7 months doing the same… chatting whenever I could and constantly thinking about it and constantly feeling like I didn’t want to be where I was because we needed to be together so that I could focus on the present. Why only 7 months?

Because after 7 months we were reunited. And WHAT a reunion it was.

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