In Your Arms I Smile

In Your Arms I Smile

Shared by Chibimoekko.

I wish I could switch roles with you and have you love me to the point of losing yourself

It is not yet time for us to embrace

Love travels with the wind and flows afar

Far far away to the end of the earth

It entraps me within its cage; I cannot run

I do not wish for another’s arms to hold me

I wish to feel your heartbeat once more, breathe in your scent once more

I wish to hear you calling my name once more, smile at your sweet moniker for me once more

How I wish~

I do not wish for another’s arms to hold me,

It is but a temporary sanctuary

Give me your sweetness simply once more

This time, I will hold onto your kindness and smile when I let go of your warmth 🙂

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