The Unspoken

The Unspoken

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As any other night, he walks into his room while painful memories conquer his mind at one time again. He sits on the edge of the bed, grabs his phone, and takes a minute to check his notifications. He resolves to turn off his phone and sleep his memories away. Every bit his body falls gently on the mattress, his head innocently rests against the pillow. One might stare at him and think he’s fast asleep, merely his mind actually departs to another world. Memories hit every corner of his mind while the rocket of his thoughts prepares to depart. As soon as it triggered, words, faces, and places start to melt away. He suddenly finds himself alive in a room full of people. It appeared like they were celebrating for something. His unreal parents suddenly yell at the sight of him and greet him with open arms. He was outraged at first, not knowing whether to react with a warm gesture or confront that none of these were real. He decides to greet them back. “It’s merely a dream after all.” he thinks. His eyes suddenly capture a glimpse of the girl behind the french glass doors that lead to the garden. He followed her until she sat down on a wooden bench that was tied to a table. The prospect was beautiful. A water feature was at the essence of the garden surrounded by beautiful carnations. He walked to her and sat beside her. He moves round and stares at her features, observing how the moonlight glistens half her face, making him want to trace the silhouette lays there. She gazes at him back with wondering eyes, wanting to know what roams inside his mind. A man approaches by in front of them which happen to be his male parent. “How’s your evening so far?” Her head raises up and realizes the man happens to be his father. “It’s a lovely night, sir. I can catch my friend coming. Will you excuse me..” she articulates. “Of course.” His father smiles warmly at her then proceeds back to him. “Who’s she?” Distracted by staring at her and her friend which he finds quite immature, he turns backwards to his father. “Ah, a friend of mine.”


“What?” They both stare at each other intently until his lips breaks into a grin. “She’s pretty and I find her interesting.” “Mmm..I’ll leave you both alone.” His father winks and takes the air away. He then looks back to her, taking in their conversation.

“So…who’s the hot guy?!” Her friend takes. “He happens to be my friend, love. Don’t lift your hopes up. I simply find him interesting with his artwork.” she answers. “Yeah, and?”

“That’s all. He isn’t my type.”

“You should definitely hook up! He might be a boyfriend material.” Her friend says while playing with her hair.

“Listen, I’m not looking for one. So stop.” Shocked from her tone, she apologizes. “It’s alright. We’ll speak more later. Catch ya’!” Her friend hugs her fast and walks off.

She eventually turns around and meets his eyes as she walks till she’s beside him.

All of a sudden, she finds herself in his lap, with her arms locked round his neck. He gazes at her intently while she whispers softly, her breathing brushes his lips. “What are you?” she asks, hypnotized. The illuminations of their area suddenly shut down, both of them are hearing the crowd’s panic. Words cease to exist to delineate how the moonlight only glistened lightly down them. He no longer held his temptation and captured her lips, kissing her passionately with need and hunger and something he’s trying to calculate out. She moves her hands like crane claws as she mouthed, trying to dig at the essence of what she was saying. It was the dirtiest I want you he’s ever learned. Cradling her face, his thumb brushes her cheek. They both share the silence, and engulf it in. The only language spoken on thin air were their bodies. When he leans in, everything fades away until he finds himself up, breathless and…..awake. He quickly grabs his phones and texts the girl he had in his dream. “What’s wrong?” A message pops up. “I had a dream about you. No words were exchanged, but we spoke with our eyes.” he responds. “Your eyes…God your eyes said so much. I can yet feel your scent wrapping around my soul.” he witnesses how the silence filled the distance between them. He texts lastly, “Your eyes spoke…the unspoken.”

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