Heartbeat: Missing You

Missing You

Shared by Missy.

I never believed in love at first sight until I met her. Now was it literally love at first sight no, but my whole heart knew that I needed to know her and needed to be near her. She caught my eye from across the room while we were both at work, I made it my mission to get to meet her it wasn’t soon after meeting her that I knew it was more than just a simple crush I knew this girl was the girl I was meant to spend forever with.

We soon began spending every moment with one another and I in my entire 28 years of life had never felt so whole and so complete she was my one and I was hers. We everyday told each other that life had never felt so perfect and that together we were perfect, she met my family and not only did they love her but she loved them. I was sure we were going to be together forever.

Her family was another story, I was the first girl she had dated and they weren’t thrilled about that fact as soon as they found out we were more than just friends our relationship was not the same, she grew distant and unsure and after a few short months we broke up.

I knew that in her heart it wasn’t what she really wanted so I vowed to wait until she figured it out she soon did and we were back together for almost another full year until again her family was to much for her to handle and she broke up with me again, this time cutting nearly all ties and leaving me completely broken. It’s been nearly 4 months and there hasn’t been a single second in the day that has gone by that I haven’t missed her. I miss my best friend, I miss my partner and I miss feeling whole.

I still believe with my whole heart that someday we will be back together but until then I will just have to keep reminding myself to get up everyday and put a smile on my face and make the world believe I’m ok. I honestly never knew it could hurt so bad to lose the one you love. If you ever read this, know that I still love you, I will always love you, and I will spend the rest of my life waiting to hold you in my arms again.

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