To Never Be Continued

To Never Be Continued

Shared by MoonChild19.

All I have left are the perfumes, cards and an oversized stuff teddy bear. You left me with conversations about our future, goals and how you never met a woman like me in a long time. We spent time creating dates that were not like the usual. Pizza making and paint night dates is what we looked forward to. We promised to chronicle every date by taking selfies and which quickly filled our camera roll.

I was so sure this time around. We were in sync. We had that scorpio and cancer connection. Shared the same values on family, life and most importantly LOVE.
Who knew my 30th birthday would be the last time we would ever speak? You reassured me that we would pick up where we left off as soon as you were finished with nursing school. August 6th, 2014 was going to be our beginning but they way God would have it, it turned out to be our ending.

I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to be angry, I want to be alone. This wasn’t suppose to happen to me. I mean, I told my family and even my closet friends about you.

Now, I’m left feeling exposed, embarrassed and ashamed. Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about LOVE. I thought you knew too. ❤️

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