I Met Him, My True Love

I Met Him, My True Love

Shared by charlyquaye.

I had been waiting for 1 1/2 years for him. People talked about me because I never was interested in anybody. Then again I had my share of One Night Stands, I had fun… for sure but it was just sex. No soulmate, no love, no strings attached.

A few weeks ago I finally felt at peace with my past, I had worked through those hook ups, changed my job situation and moved into a new flat.
Finally, peace, a calm place. I was ready!

And there he was, an old friend I had forgotten about texted me, then called, then he sent me tickets for a concert in Berlin. I booked the train.
We kissed after he had picked me up, made love, talked.
He is my boyfriend now and I love him !

There it is… Love… And I’m ready for it!

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