In Your Sticky Leather Armchair

Shared by the reckless romantic.

In my memory it’s 5 am in the morning of a high peak summer day, when nothing can be done to avoid the heat. I am sitting in your big leather armchair and try to breathe whilst watching you sleep. I am wondering if you still dream of her? Is she the one whose face you want to see when you open your eyes? Do your hands still remember the lines of her body when you touch mine? Should I dress like her? Should I use the same lipstick? It might make my kisses feel sweeter for you to taste.

My mind is filled with all the doubt, that all I can ever have is the pieces of your heart. That’s all she left behind when she broke it between her perfectly manicured hands. When she walked away your world tumbled and crushed and probably you still think of the reasons why she tossed you away like a last year’s collection. She left you, she is gone forever and you still gaze into the air at sleepless nights. I only know that because even the rhythm of your breathing is echoing her name. I force my eyes to be closed and listen until my heart breaks. Every single night. I am all you got, you have my everything but you just can’t see me. I am just her shadow here.

I’m stuck in this life like I am stuck in this chair. I feel that my tights are glued to the leather with the sweat of this ugly summer and all the fear that leaves me anxious. I live here next to you in denial and I act out our life perfectly. Tell me that one day I will  earn with my crazy fight for you, to wake up on a morning finding you sitting here. In this chair, wishing for my dreams to be about you. I know I will and I know that on that day I’ll be already gone.

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9 thoughts on “In Your Sticky Leather Armchair

  1. It’s tough to be in that situation, but it’s worth the try to take her place and completely remove her from the story 🙂

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  2. scarlettmorrison10 on said:

    A very difficult situation and an even more difficult situation to try and leave. Unfortunately, I think the mentality that you’re in is a similar one to the mentality I had when I was in this situation;

    every time your lover does something to make you think that they’re thinking about their past lover, you make excuses for them and try to interpret their actions in a way that justifies those actions, and every time they do something to make you think that you’re the special person, you allow yourself to be swept off your feet and everything becomes right in the world.

    In recycling the title, it is a very “sticky” situation to be in, I just hope that you have the courage and strength to make the right decision so that you are the person being dreamed about in the end. Good luck!


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    This is such a painful situation to be in.

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    Crazy good.

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  5. When you have been on the same situation more than twice, the 3rd time it happens you will be warned by your own senses ahead of time.. I guess, that’s on the positive note.


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