Meeting the Right Person at the Wrong Time

meeting the right person at the wrong time

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I was 18, he was 19 and after a few weeks of chatting online, we met for real and it was like we had known each other for years rather than weeks. I fell for him hard, he was someone I could talk to about whatever. Almost like a boyfriend and a best friend.

We had both had bad experiences of first love, my first boyfriend had cheated and left me for someone else. His first girlfriend just wasnt who he thought she was.

The relationship became official after a few weeks of meeting up. I met his family and friends and he met mine. Everyone who saw us together commented on how happy we looked and we smiled each time because we were.

We carried on in this honeymoon type period for a while, untill August when I received my A-Level results. Before I met him, I had already picked out my chosen university and course, sorted out my student flat and signed up for a grant. And even though I was falling in love with this guy, I still wasnt giving up on my education.

We spoke a lot about it, and in the end we both said we wanted to make the commitment to a long distance relationship. We would skype after my uni day finished and he got home from work, and see each other on weekends no matter if I was at university or if I came back home.

For the fist term of uni up until Christmas it was fine. By no means was it perfect, we would argue about Skyping and where we would spend the weekend, but in the end it didnt matter because we were happy. Over Christmas we spent a lot of time with each other, enjoying the fact we were both sharing a first experience of spending a Christmas with a significant other.

It was when I went back to uni everything changed. I was swamped with uni work, he had his own job to deal with and his Mum also became really ill. We hardly spoke during the week and would sometimes miss a weekend not seeing each other because of the circumstances.

A few weeks of this and I felt him slipping away. I was in love with him and no way did I want to lose him so I tried my hardest to keep in contact. I neglected uni work and friends, and I also started looking at a university closer to him which had a similar broadcasting course.

However, in the last week of January, we barely spoke. There were no “I love you”, morning or night texts from him, and whenever I tried to ring he was always busy. That Friday, on the first of Feburary, he eventually rang for that first time that week and broke up with me.

He told me that the distance was too much, and everything was going on in terms of his life. He said he loved me but he didnt know how to keep it all going.

I was heartbroken. The next few weeks, we were actually in contact more than ever. He even said one time that he had made a mistake but it was too late for the relationship to keep on going. In the end, I was frustrated that he was getting my hopes up and dashing them, so we argued over text, and soon enough, we werent speaking any more.

Its been a year and a half since then and we still havent spoken. I’ve been in relationships and been with other guys but the honest truth is that I miss him and there is not one day that goes by without him crossing my mind. I miss my boyfriend and my best friend, and I also miss the friends I made through him and his parents who treated me like their own daughter.

I know that I should have properly moved on by now, but I really dont think that will happen. I think that there will always be some small part of me that continues to love him. He wasnt my first love but he was the first boy who truly opened my eyes into what love could do and how it felt.

Maybe in a few years, we might meet up again and reconnect, but till then I just have to go on through life I suppose.

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