The Girl In Your Present

The Girl In Your Present

Shared by Jonah. See Part 1 here.

Do you remember when you were seated beside me, you were quiet, and I asked what you’re thinking?  I still can’t believe your answer.  Are you sure that your mind was blank?  I’d want to put a translation device on your head and decipher your thoughts!  Well, I’m really curious because mine has a thousand words in a few seconds of silence.  When I’m not speaking, I really mean something. 

That includes the first moment you got me speechless with a wink.  Aha!  Your look gave me a mixture of awkward, pleasant, puzzling feeling.  I like it when you’re confident, when you tease and make me wonder.  Yeah, you can wink like that some more.  Not just on other girls passing by in front of us.

Remember when we were just dating? You were sending me messages every day – through text, facebook and skype.  You even tried to call but I was often busy.  My being busy then means I admire your persistence and I’m checking on your consistency.  Send flowers and maybe I’ll say hi!  Pull back for some time and I’ll be drawn to miss you all the while.

Oh, I appreciate you waiting for me when I take too long to dress up.  (I knew that was too long.) And when you don’t mind helping me pick the new shoes I’ll buy.  I knew you were somehow bored but I didn’t mention it.  You can tag me along to check the gadgets you like next time.  I can choose you a really nice watch, or get you the Nike you want.  I can’t be jealous of your toys when you have enough time for me really.  Uhm.. Maybe we can enjoy those together?  But just don’t play around with my make-up, okay?

By the way, if you really want me to talk less let me share this secret.  My mouth gets shut and my mind is blank too when you caress me gently.  I always savour the embrace, especially when you do it randomly.  Not just while we’re crossing the street please.  I like it when you give me a hug.

There’s also another magical thing about you.  It was magic when I felt that you see me.  You saw the child in me that was playful, innocent and hopeful; sometimes needs to be comforted and protected.  And you took care of that girl.

I know you’re a child too.  And I’m happy when you allow yourself to be that. There is a certain freedom then that I feel when with you.  I am only compelled to be as carefree and not to worry.  I’ve realized, The best gift I received from you was when you made me roar in laughter.  Oh my, I might just laugh again thinking about it.

I love being myself when you’re around, when there are no pretentions. I know I didn’t really need to impress you though I’d like to make effort that you see me as a lady; I’d colour my cheeks and put gloss on my lips, stare at you with my twinkling eyes.  Looking at your smile adds sparkles to them, by the way.  That’s the most beautiful cosmetic that I didn’t have to buy.

Hey, I appreciate it that you’re a man, too.  I know you are hardworking and with that I am blessed.  Well, maybe not when you’re distressed.  Keep it easy, okay?  I want you to know that I’m just here, blowing bubbles, and catching butterflies.  Maybe I’ll watch the rainbow and stop to wait by the swing until you’re back to Neverland.  Take care and soar high!

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