The Promise

the promise

Shared by inilluzion.

It was weird. I was standing there after three years and still, those flashbacks surged forth so clearly as if they were yesterdays. It was weird as I had already closed the chapter. I had read somewhere that you can not finish a book if you keep going back to read the same chapter.

I feel no longer upset about the bygones. The past is there but the present is too beautiful to think about what-ifs and how-nots. However, it was weird in the sense that the heart suddenly felt slight heavy when I reached the place where me and my ex had visited before. It was a place where I was over the moon once. Then, I looked at the love of my life.. my present and my future, the one who makes me happy and the one who makes me angry, the one who hugs me tight and I just melt in his arms. He understands my incomplete sentence just after the first few words .. He completes me. He takes me over the moon but I know he will be there to hold my hand when we walk down on the land.

As he held my hand, I just realized how lucky I am to be where I am and to be in love with my best friend. Love is not all about just promises, love is taking the journey together. Falling in love is easy, being in love is fun and adventurous. He surprised me with a gorgeous dazzling ring two weeks ago at Martha’s Vineyard. It was perfect, perfect ring, perfect size, perfect hill and sunshine. It looked amazing in my little hand. I did not see it coming and as I stood on his knees with the ring, I was there ready to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life.

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