12 Things He’s Going to Love About You

12 Things He's Going to Love About You

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I recently wrote the 12 ways to win her heart Listicle.

If turnaround is fair play than a reciprocating list(icle) seems appropriate. I’m not a dude (thank God) but I know a couple and I’ve done some research. Here is the list, sure-fired to win his heart.

12 Things He’s Going to Love About You

1.) Climb a Tree. Ok, it doesn’t have to be a tree, but do something. Something that reminds you to be spontaneous and free. Not the dishes! Aspire to do more than playhouse and if you find somebody that wants to playhouse, especially if they only want to playhouse, RUN AWAY. He’s boring or he wants you to be, or needs you to be.

2.) Laugh Out-loud. Don’t laugh when he smashes his finger changing your flat tire. (Even though that shit is funny) but do laugh at his jokes, his attempts to cheer you up and especially laugh when he’s being corny. It’s okay to laugh. Let go, laugh at Nacho Libre, not all movies have to be chick flicks to be good.

3.) Care as Much About His Thoughts and Opinions as You Do Your Own. Put your inner narcissist down for a minute–you look great and you’re really smart–but you’d look even greater and be even smarter listening to him too, at least he’ll think so.

4.) Don’t Nag. There’s a difference between communicating and nagging. He’s sensitive to your criticism, maybe, or maybe he’s just not as critical of you as you are of him. Think how you’d feel if the tables were turned.

5.) Take Care of Yourself. It’s sexy to keep your legs shaved and a coat of mascara on, but you’ll have an even better grip (on yourself) if you take it up a notch and get your workout in too. He might be sad that you’re taking off without him but the reward will be well worth it and you’ll both be happy about it. (Plus you can’t blame him when the years slip by and your bottom starts to slide down your leg.)

6.) Forget. Maybe I’ve just been lucky but most men don’t keep a running tally of tit-for-tat damages. Don’t fall into that trap. If you’re going to forgive than be done with it. Walk away from it.

I’m talking about normal conflict. Obviously you should walk away from abuse and abusive behavior, but to get hung up on who’s right and who’s wrong is always a lose lose scenario. If he made you mad because he forgot your birthday (ugh birthdays), your first kiss anniversary (ugh anniversaries), your favorite food, forgot to call, forgot to fix the leaky hose, whatever, you can’t keep a running tab. Let it go or you will both be miserable.

7.) Be Happy and Excited Not Pouty, Resentful, or Dramatic When He Walks in the Door. If he likes you chances are he’s been excited about coming home to see you all day. When the door opens and you are reunited make it a happy event. There’s nothing better.

8.) Be Adventurous. It is so boring to say no all of the time. Do it enough and your sparkle will fade. He wants to see you smile and be happy and maybe he’s hoping that means a little adventure, not just a nooner. Why not hike South Sister, or join a bowling league with him… I am just saying that if he’s inviting you to do things that aren’t your “cup of tea”, you better at least try them out. They might be his passions, you wouldn’t want him to give up the things in life that make him smile would you?

9.) Know or Get to Know Your Body and Your Sexuality. I believe that every solid relationship should be firmly rooted in great sex. There are potentially dozens of other, equally important, facets of a great relationship, but most men are sexual beings too. Surprisingly there are still a lot of men who need your sexual confidence to allow them to explore their own sexual desires and fantasies. Do both of you a big favor and get comfortable in your skin, comfortable with your desires and with your kinky side.

10.) Cook a Good Dish or Meal (One or Two Amazing Things Should Be Enough). He doesn’t need you to be Betty Crocker, you have way too many adventures to go on to be in the kitchen all of the time still, he will love you even more if you can make his favorite fajitas or throw together the best lasagna he’s ever had. Heck, master a good crusty bread recipe and some chicken noodle soup. (If all else fails, learn how to make a great turkey sandwich.)

11.) Don’t Forget His Delicate Ego. For some reason if you start giving me compliments I start not trusting you. I wonder about your motives and why you are so full of crap, men don’t seem to suffer from this. Maybe other women don’t either, I don’t know. Tell him, tell him what he does well, what you are impressed by, how funny he is, how hard of a worker he is, how creative, whatever it is that he’s good at, make sure you tell him.

12.) Be Present. Put down the smartphone, the laptop, the book, the laundry. If you are going to build a life together, or even if you just want to make the best of this moment, right now, then why would you squander it on a distraction? It’s just going to get easier and easier to take your time together for granted. Stop it. Do you know how far it will go when he looks up to see you looking at him?

I’m going to give you one final thing to ponder. A Baker’s dozen.

13.) Stop overthinking everything. Really, men are simple creatures. Unfettered, uncomplicated, that is what he really wants. Life is hard enough. Don’t make it harder, don’t mistake the chaos you seem to be able to stir up as a validation to your worth.

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