The Boring Guy

The Boring Guy

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For some reason I have been reading lately a lot about ” the boring guy”. Maybe friends have posted things on Facebook. For sure I have talked about this with friends and have read random articles about it. The truth is, I have spent some quiet moments, specially when I am about to sleep, thinking about this concept and today I have been all day talking with myself about it.

The main idea is that “the boring guy” is the kind of man a woman should want to have if she wants a relationship to last forever. It is the guy who will be there for a woman no matter what, will take care of her and the family they would have together, without her basically caring too much about loosing him because he will not run away. As any other relationship, time, patience and details are important, but mainly this is the safest option to go with if a woman wants to live happily ever after, or so they say.

I am still not convinced. I am not even sure I understand what it is this is all about. Of course I want to be loved and be able to love with all my heart in return, but labeling guys as boring or not is giving some kind of trouble. Perhaps the problem resides in the fact that I am not really attracted to the boring type, although after some heartbreaks I am starting to be more selective and conscious about the decisions that impact my feelings. And this has not saved me at all from pain either.

The roller coaster type of relationship is not what I am looking for, but it is not the first time I also hear women talk about how “boring” their husbands are and how miserable they feel. Others are absolutely happy. Probably it does not have to do with the labeling, it has to do more with what makes our hearts click.

Sometimes it is the “boring” guy who makes us fall in love, sometimes is the “crazy” one. Maybe being with the boring one is the craziest thing to do, if he is chosen only because of how stable life will be next to him.

Another reason why I hate labels.

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