The 21 Types Of Love We Should Hold Out For

The 21 Types Of Love We Should Hold Out For

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If there’s one thing we would all live for, it’s love. If there’s one thing we would risk everything for, it’s love. If there’s one thing we would willingly end up broken for, it’s love. But there’s a real love out there. It’s a real love that won’t leave you damaged, but bring out the best in you. There’s a love so true that everything before it will seem like fiction.

Beyond our fears and our imaginations lies a love so powerful nothing could break its binds. Somewhere out there there’s someone who has been waiting his or whole life to find you. There hasn’t been a day when the thought of you hasn’t crossed their mind. They just may not have met you yet. So here are the types of love we should all hold out for:


  1. The chill you to your bones and light your heart on fire kind of love
  2. The make you smile so hard you can’t hear the rest of the world speak kind of love
  3. The wake up to better days than your dreams kind of love
  4. The never question their love for you because it’s written on their face kind of love
  5. The butterflies that make your heart pound every time you see them kind of love
  6. The light from sharing all your darkest thoughts and moments kind of love
  7. The faith of forever holding your hearts together kind of love
  8. The fall in love with their laugh deeper every time kind of love
  9. The unfathomable ecstasy that makes mountains shake when your bodies touch kind of love
  10. The bending and mending of dreams into one kind of love
  11. The see heaven in your mind every time you kiss kind of love
  12. The passion of fighting words that has an even more passionate resolve kind of love
  13. The imperfectly perfect kind of love
  14. The ideal type of person you’d want your children to marry kind of love
  15. The hold me for every sunrise and never let go for the sunset kind of love
  16. The proof to every naysayer who gaffs at the above kind of love
  17. The bleed through their words, breathe through their actions, love through their existence kind of love
  18. The never falter, never wander, never questioning kind of love
  19. The truth behind “I love you” kind of love
  20. The “sweet” in dreams and the “happily” in ever after kind of love
  21. The painstakingly hard, unbearably trying, but worth it in all regards when they smile kind of love



Because love isn’t always easy, and nothing great should be. But love is real. Love is out there. It is true because it is what the world survives off of. The land grows from the romance the sun feeds to the soil. The earth moves for the love of the moon. The clouds rain because they need to connect to the ground. We all feed off of the pure and existential need for the emotion all emotions are based off of.

So don’t settle for mediocre. Don’t’ settle for average. Don’t settle, period. Because some will say this doesn’t exist. The sad truth is that they believe it. But those that have seen it, breathed it, live it, they will tell you that you’re wrong… Because it’s out there, and it’s waiting for you. It’s wandering this earth trying to find you and taking every turn to try and get to you. And one day, it’ll be the day when your paths cross and your eyes will meet. It’s fate. It’s waiting for you. Hold out for me, they are pleading. Wait for me, they are asking. Don’t stay in a love that doesn’t deserve you, because destiny is moving the feet of the one that does deserve you to you. All you have to do is let yourself fall when it does. From one hopeless romantic to another… What’s hard to love for some, will be easy to love for The One.

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