Love is the Most Abused Word in the Planet

love is the most abused word in the planet

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Love is the most abused word in the planet. Most of the time, Forever gets entangled with it. Poor Forever getting forced to stick with Love when it is one separate word. We are not even certain if Forever really exists or not. Probably, someone invented the word, just for the hell of it. But let’s talk about Love because I am certain it exists, while Forever, I guess, takes forever to figure out.

I told him I would love him forever. Even when things start to go wrong, even when I can not hold on much longer, even when the time comes that I need to give him up, I will love him forever. I told him that. It is not impossible to think that one can love someone forever. But I realized that we can not promise to love someone forever because no one is really certain about that, right? It is better that we keep that promise to ourselves. Right now though, I don’t think I still love him. Someone made me realize that, no, this is not love. This is not what it was. Love does not transform, does not morph into something else. Love in its’ own essence, is pure, unadulterated, unchanging, stays the same, because if it doesn’t, then it is something else. Something more, or something less, but definitely, it is no longer what it is or what it used to be. So we can’t tell someone that we will love them forever because we do not know what will happen in the future, what he will do or what you will do that will cast doubt. You might do something that, if you have been loving that person at that moment, you wouldn’t have done but still you did. So it will seem like, at that precise moment, you are not loving her at all, but after that, you are loving her again. I know that’s confusing but it somehow makes sense to me.

The word Love. It is one of the most important inventions in the planet. It is up there with iron horseshoes and papermaking. It was derived from ‘lubido’ which means ‘desire’ and I LOVE YOU sure sounds less crass than I LUBIDO YOU. Sounds like a joke, the latter. More comprehensible than the caveman’s grunts to the cavewoman. More genuine than “Let’s start living together and create a bajillion kids.” Less impersonal than “My genes regard you as the finest instrument for them to go forth and multiply.”

The word though has become so overrated. The word had become so popular that people started overusing it without giving a jot about what it really means. I’ve heard it a lot of the times and I am beginning to lose my trust on the word itself. People have come to associate its essence on such and such things that have nothing to do with it. The worst part is they are not even aware of what they are doing. It is flabbergasting.

I am no love expert. But I know Love and I would continue to find Love though I have to sift through a river of love words and figure which are real and which are not. The fake ones are so hard to determine as they take Love’s form and impersonate it. Some use Love like a warm palm to coax the genie out of the lamp. It works all the time and they get the wordly things they want to have. Some use it to avoid loneliness even though their hearts are not much into it. Please. Let’s treat the word with respect. Let’s use it sparingly if need be. Let’s say it to the people we really care about. Let’s say it not to take advantage. Let’s use it not to get what we want. Let’s use it once we are certain of it, no matter how long it takes for us to say it someone special. Let’s not abuse Love.

The next time you say I LOVE YOU to someone, make sure you say it with a pure heart. Say it with respect, say it with meaning, say it without malice. Say it with conviction. Say it and mean it like a pledge, like a prayer. And make sure you say it only to the people you truly love.

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