Heartbeat: I Need Space!

i need space

Shared by Alias150.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 months and things are moving way too fast! When we starting dating, I told him I wanted to take things slow as I had just come out of a serious relationship and was still healing from that. I also told him that I am a very independent person and I like my own space. Despite this, I feel like he has rushed things. Don’t get me wrong, he is kind and funny and I like him but I am starting to feel extremely smothered in this relationship and am starting to push him away. He either wants me to stay at his house every night or he wants to stay at mine every night and appears to want to spend every waking minute with me. The only time we have apart is when we are both working and no matter how many times I say I’d like to have a bit of me time, he doesn’t seem to understand. We have known each other for about 4 years and he says he has had a thing for me all this time. He also told me he loved me after 1 month together. We should still be at the fun and exciting stage in our relationship but instead I feel smothered, anxious and not very happy! If I’m honest, the way things are going, I can’t see this lasting for very long, although I think he would have me moving in with him tomorrow if I let him! I just don’t know what to do…

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