A Letter to an Old Friend

A Letter to an Old Friend

Shared by Whim.

I’ve recently posted this on my blog, but i’m presenting it here because it was a very definitive happening in my life where I had realised the ability of manipulation on behalf of others. I realised that the relationship I have with my boyfriend of four years is worth it, even if I feel like I haven’t had enough experience. My boyfriend is all the experience I’ll ever need, if my other option was someone so pathetic. Let me know what you think! Feel free to edit how you like, but also if you would like me to elaborate further on the story for it to be reader worthy i’m absolutely more than happy to! It’s if its a story worth being told, but that is your decision! Thank you! 🙂 :

You know those letters you write to people in your life but never send? Or those after thoughts you wish you had said that are stored in your head? Well, this is kinda one of those. Not that the person will ever read this, but this is a letter just for them.

Hello. Long time no speak (For good reason, my life is about a gazillion times better without you in it even despite my anxiety disorder!)

I’m going to come clean. I always knew you were a liar, a shit boyfriend to your lovely innocent girlfriend and quite frankly the spitting personality of a complete bell end.

But my flaw as a human being, is I believe one of my purposes to my life is to help people become better people. You were my task. But I guess I was naive to assume you had any heart in you. You were just lustful, manipulative and a gambling goon.

I made my priorities and expectations clear. Repeatedly. But you knew exactly what you were doing. Attempting to add a girl whom is in love with her long term boyfriend of four years onto your list of girls. The truth is, you just wanted to leave your girlfriend for me. You even stated those exact words and made it clear.

But, I guess you just got fed up of me saying “No” and having my boyfriend as a bigger priority than your existence in my life. The term “Friend” does not mean sexual relation. But you were sleezy enough to think that you were obviously so irresistible that I would leave my happy and as-perfect-as-perfect-can-be-childhood-sweetheart-disney relationship for someone who lies their life away.

So much for “Even if I can never be with you, ill be your best friend til the day I die because you’re just so wonderful.” Forever lasted two months, dick head. I always knew you were a coward. All cowards are good liars too, it gives them a good excuse to escape certain situations.

I hope you found someone stupid enough to believe in your pathetic stories.

I hope one day your girlfriend dumps you the next time she finds you attempting to sext other women rather than give you another chance (because you don’t deserve one let alone 40+.)

Oh, and I hope every time you stalk my Facebook profile and save my profile pictures onto your phone for new masturbation material, as well as material to show off to other girls how ‘beautiful’ all the other girls you’ve ‘got with’ are (even though you didn’t, that’s another lie too, since I was the only moral one between the both of us to refuse your advances) in order to make them jealous into wanting you more – It makes you cry that I never gave you the chance, and I was never going to give you that chance. Because my boyfriend was just better. It didn’t take being with you to even realise that. You showed it on your own.

I also hope that every time you see me smile, it gives you complete and utter misery. Refer to this song for a full explanation:

Because lets face it. Who wants a boyfriend like you, when I already have a boyfriend that doesn’t attempt to sext other women, lie and gamble their earnings away because they have no self control.

My boyfriend makes me happy. That’s why we are still here after four years. That’s why I kept saying no.

No means no.

I hope you live alone to realise no girl wants to be with such a disgusting human being.

Best Wishes,

Your Ex Best Friend (Whom you probably refer to the rest of your other 4+ women as your ex, because it improves your self pride that you just couldn’t win me over and add me to the list.)

P.S. I was being nice when I said you were not fat. You’re beer belly most definitely counts as fat. Plus your hairline is receding, you were always too old for me anyway, I guess that just proves it. Maybe its from all the stress of keeping all your women from your poor girlfriend?

I hope she ruins you. If I was her, I fucking would, to save women from spending a life of misery with you.

Tell it like it is.

Whim xoxo

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