We’ll Be Posting 3 Times a Day!

Happy Sunday!

While everyone waits for this Sunday’s Irasia post, I have a few announcements to make!

  1. Heartbeat User Submissions have been coming in at a much higher and regular pace than before. We will be now posting three (3) times every day (we’ll go back to 2 if we run out) from now on at approximately 9AM, 12PM (noon) and 3PM PST. Heartbeats and Reader Stories will usually get posted in the morning, articles (Irasia, Feature Posts, Reblogs) will be posted in the afternoon, and a mixture of both will be posted at noon. Please visit often and make sure you don’t miss a great post! If you’ve submitted your story or article and haven’t seen it yet, please stay tuned! We’re really backed up and hoping to raise the pace so we can share everything.
  2. Starting September, we’re going to pick the best comment of each week and start awarding $25 every week to the writer of that comment! Stay tuned for details.
  3. You can reach us at thefickleheartbeat.com , fickleheartbeat.com , fhblove.com ! We registered more addresses so that it’s easier for our readers to reach us 😉
  4. Before you dump a bucket of ice water on yourself, watch this see the amazing story of the man that started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Thank you for your support and readership. We really appreciate all our readers and everyone that submits their personal stories as well as beautiful, helpful posts.

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Have a great week.