You Lost Feelings, I Lost My Heart

You Lost Feelings I Lost My Heart

Shared by Raina D’Souza.

And there I stood before you, knowing it was the last time I would be seeing you, with millions of questions in my mind- none of which you had answers to. But again, gathering all the tiny bits of the little strength that was left in my heart, looking in to those beautiful eyes of yours which always drove me crazy, I asked you, “Do you love me?”

“No,” you said, without even a little hesitation and the least care. It killed my dying heart. What made it worse is that you looked away while I was looking in your eyes. But I smiled to fight the pain. You smile back without even a speck of regret.

“What was between us?,” I asked, knowing I wouldn’t be able to take in another word that you would speak. But just to pacify my heart.
“It was just Infatuation or lust. I don’t know,” you said. I wish my heart stopped beating, at those words.

‘Infatuation or Lust?’ – I thought to myself and felt stupid at my worst. I thought about nights where I lay in bed, crazily smiling ever since I met you, time that we spent together- time that I would want to record into a movie and watch it over and over again, our silly fights on who loves whom more, our late night conversations, our first kiss, instances where I would do anything in the world just to see you smile and everything else.
And you called it mere infatuation.

I was shattered knowing that you never loved me. At that instance I realized all the moments where I looked into your eyes and didn’t see any love and got to know that I was deceiving my own heart, all this while.

What scared me the most than knowing you didn’t love me was that you spent all the time in the world pretending that you did.

We both had a thing for each other. The only difference was that you called it ‘Infatuation’ and I called it ‘Love’. That’s why you lost ‘feelings for me’ and I lost ‘my heart to you’.

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